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Tips to boost your marketing via Instagram Reels

If Reels were created with the aim of competing with TikTok, they are now getting the favor of the Instagram platform. Being accessible through the dedicated button, users can no longer miss this option. It allows targeting a younger generation that all companies are ready to seduce. Here are some tips and tricks to boost your brand with Reels.

The importance of hashtags

The most important thing for a brand is to have visibility. So, when it comes to digital marketing, using Instagram Reels is very useful. For this, you need to use relevant hashtags that will help your short videos get more views. This will increase your visibility more quickly.

Reels that create emotion

Instagram’s algorithm favors Reels that generate the most engagement and therefore emotions among users. They will then be highlighted in the Explore tab. Your Reels should then touch your viewers, make them laugh and entertain them.

The secret of keywords

Using keywords that your target audience uses frequently on Instagram Reels is very helpful in increasing views of your videos. Consider inserting them in the caption, Instagram will then choose an audience likely to like your posts.

Know how to create engagement

To encourage viewers to interact with you, you can add any type of tools such as stickers, gifs, quizzes, polls. This will make your audience react. Just like on other types of publications, don’t forget to ask questions in your caption to get answers from users. The more engagement, the better your videos will be referenced on the Explore page.

Create mini-series

Another relevant way to engage viewers is to create mini-series. With each release of mini-series, give your audience a date to meet in order to keep them loyal. They will even be able to subscribe to your account so they don’t miss any of them!

Announce new products via Reels

Announcing the release of a new product via Reels is very useful since it is a format that attracts more audience. Don’t hesitate to launch promotions, contests or even to tease your products, this will attract the curiosity of your audience.

Launching challenges on Instagram

Launching challenges via Reels is essential if you want to increase engagement. You can create them but also follow the most popular challenges. Remember to check that they are compatible with your brand image.

The usefulness of ads via Reels

Thanks to its popularity, Instagram Reels offers a lot of visibility: this format is a relevant placement for your ads. It also allows for precise targeting through the goals found in the ad manager: traffic, video views, covers, etc.

Integrate Reels on your site

In order to increase traffic but also to let your visitors discover your Instagram account, consider embedding your Reels on your website. They will be more likely to follow you. You can integrate your Reels on your services pages to make them discover in a playful way. 

Tag the influencers you work with

Tag the influencers you work with in your Reels, this will help you boost the virality of your posts. You will gain new subscribers who will increase engagement. 

These tips will help you to boost your marketing via Instagram Reels. The reach and engagement of your posts will increase significantly. Also, try to be creative and your visibility will naturally increase.  

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