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optimiser sa strategie digitale kodd korner magazine digital marketing
optimiser sa strategie digitale kodd korner magazine digital marketing
optimiser sa strategie digitale kodd korner magazine digital marketing

Growth Marketing

Optimise your digital strategy in 5 steps

Nowadays, we do everything online, from booking a trip to shopping. So working on your online presence has never been more important. We’ll show you 5 steps to optimising your online strategy.

Define precise objectives

This essential step is worth remembering. It requires you to ask yourself the right questions, such as “How do I position myself in relation to my competitors ?” or “Is my customers enjoy the services I offer ?”. This introspection will enable you to redefine and clarify your objectives. It will also enable you to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your business.

The SMART method, which is well known in marketing, can help you to set achievable and quantifiable objectives.

Analysing your competition

When setting up your digital strategy, it is essential to know your opponents in order to stand out. Indeed, where their weaknesses lie, you will be able to fill the gap for consumers and thus attract to you a part of their clientele that does not find its account with them.

Defining your target and a budget

Defining a target through your buyer persona is essential in developing a digital strategy. You need to know who you are targeting in order to run a marketing campaign. Knowing your target also means knowing their buying behaviour. The budget for your campaign will not be the same depending on who you are targeting.

Putting in place the right tools

A digital strategy can be implemented using several tools. You can focus on social networks. The majority of consumers are present on the Internet. They can therefore become potential customers and ambassadors for your brand. You can also use SEO through the writing of web articles to be well referenced on search engines. And why not a targeted emailing campaign that will allow you to detect potential customers.

Evaluate your performance

To continue to evolve on the internet, don’t hesitate to analyse your performance to adapt your strategy according to the results obtained. We recommend that you analyse your website statistics (click-through rate, search engine positioning, leads generated, etc.). You should use tools such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console or digital marketing wizards such as Semrush or Ahrefs.

At KODD Korner, we support you in the implementation of your digital marketing strategy. We are a 360° consulting agency. We offer 3 complementary services to develop your business. Growth marketing is the key to our expertise !

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