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pexels anna nekrashevich kodd korner
pexels anna nekrashevich kodd korner
pexels anna nekrashevich kodd korner

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8 tips to increase your youtube subscribers

Among the contents of the web, the video is a format appreciated by Internet users. Marketers have understood its usefulness, the video is used in B2B as well as B2C.

With over two billion monthly users, YouTube offers great opportunities for businesses to gain exposure. However, developing a channel and growing subscribers is a tedious work for brands. That’s why we propose nine tips for growing your YouTube community.

Carefully study your subscribers profile

The success of a YouTube channel depends first and foremost on knowing your audience. Knowing your target audience allows you to produce the right content. The type of video, the tone to use and the frequency of publication depend on the audience profile. Thus, studying your audience profile will allow you to create relevant videos and attract engaged and loyal subscribers.

Maintain your YouTube channel

To attract viewers, it is essential to know how to present your YouTube channel. Users need to understand who you are and what you offer. Your pitch has to be short and punchy and contain keywords. As for your video thumbnails, they must be attractive. Viewers will automatically be drawn to click on them. Finally, a trailer is useful if you want to give an attractive overview of what you offer.

Consider viewer satisfaction by offering quality content

The satisfaction of your video viewers is necessary to make them want to come back. Indeed, it is an important parameter of the algorithm since YouTube personalizes the suggestions according to the users appreciations. To do this, interact with the audience by responding to comments, ect. They will be more likely to subscribe. Give attention to the quality of your videos in order to make users want to view them. Your content must be responsible: avoid conflicting topics, for example. Viewers will be more inclined to share your videos and interactions will increase. It will have a strong impact on your visibility.

Ensure natural referencing of videos

Since YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, knowing how to use the right keywords is essential. To increase your number of subscribers, you must first make yourself visible to the users of the platform. As for the videos, you must integrate keywords that will allow you to optimize the referencing with the search engine. This is how you will be visible to Internet users.

Post regularly and create video series

To increase your video views and subscribers, you must be regular in your publications. This will allow you to develop a lasting relationship with your subscribers. You can also bet on serial videos. These are watched by the chain and will only be complete once the chapter is finished. However, you should not forget to announce the release of the following videos.

Tease your next videos with a CTA

To increase your subscriptions, creating expectations is necessary. The end screen of your videos will allow you to promote your next videos and thus encourage visitors to subscribe in order not to miss them. You can also add a call-to-action to each video. For this, you can add a watermark that invites the viewer to subscribe to your channel, share the video or activate the notification bell.

Promote your YouTube channel on other social networks

If you communicate on other channels, using them to promote your YouTube channel is important. You can do this via your website but also on your social networks. It will help you to increase your number of views and reach a wider audience. By giving visibility to your YouTube channel and stating the benefits of following it, the size of your community will increase.

Partner with other YouTube channels

Collaborating on YouTube with another channel is a great way to increase your subscribers. This practice will allow you to get in touch with a new community and thus reach an audience inclined to subscribe to your YouTube channel. The partnership between two youtubers is an essential technique to reach a new audience and thus to gain new subscribers.

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